Monday, January 25, 2016

documentation vs. transformation

Baudrillard's statement "We all become living specimens under the spectral light of ethnology, or of anti-ethnology which is the only pure form of triumphal ethnology, under the sign of dead differences, and of the resurrection of difference" made me think of the importance the West (generally) places on archiving, documenting and understanding artworks. Artists and makers in the present day are especially encouraged to create online presences for their work and arts experience in order to publicize themselves. In this project I was thinking about the possibilities of obscuring my work, that is originally intended to be three dimensional, by taking photos of it which I then photoshopped. To create these images I played around with lighting equipment and Photoshop layering. All of the lines in the images are made out of cut paper and I think that this is challenging to tell by looking at the photos. 


  1. I'm so fascinated by how you transformed this piece from three to two dimensions and back again, yet the end result is a different piece from what the original one is.

  2. these images are so cool! they remind me of eyelashes (probably because of my last project) but because of that they make me think of trying to see when you're squinting which is kind of cool because the images are so obscure that i find myself squinting and turning my head to try to figure them out.

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