Monday, February 22, 2016

Project Projection!

For my final project, I am planning to create an experimental video to project onto the installation piece I am submitting in the Studio Art Senior Show. I am continuing to thinking about ideas of layering with multimedia. My goal is to create a projection that will enhance and compliment the shapes and ideas that I am already thinking about in the installation (pattern, movement, fluidity physical space, maybe hinting at whimsicality or grotesqueness without being overt about it).

I would like to continue experimenting with stop motion and to try out the software Dragonframe. I spoke to Anne Haydock about my ideas and she suggested that I look at Dada videos as well as videos by artists Man Ray and Anthony McCall, since they deal with high abstraction and have simple high contrast forms.  I will continue to think about negative space and two-dimensionality in this project since I think that superimposing this on the installation could have a cool effect. I really like the idea of looking into film, however this is medium I have not worked with before and approaching this now may be biting off more than I can chew.

Yayoi Kusama and Kara Walker are on my mind in the way they create multi-media interactive, sensory-overload spaces within white-cube environments (I haven’t actually experienced rooms by these artists in person, although I saw a sculpture by Kusama at the exit of the SFO airport). I’m also thinking about the forms used by artists like Eva Hesse, Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith. I need to look into artists that work specifically with projection (I will scope out books on the library third floor). I also plan on looking through the archives of the Mattress Factory.

The lovely Eva Hesse

I will need to think about the set-up and effect of the projection within the Wriston Galleries and should discuss this with Beth Zinsli sooner rather than later. Things to consider are: where will the projector be mounted (obvious or not/ can viewers interact with it). I will need to be hyper-alert of technical difficulties and losing data with software crashes (especially since this is a new type of project for me). I will also need to think about how much of the installation this will project 

week 8: look into analogue projector and Dragon Frame, create pieces for animation
week 9: create footage and editing

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